project management

The “P” in PS+ could be for “Proactive”

This blog series explains how PS+ helps people be effective as shown by Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  Being effective doesn’t just happen; YOU have to make it happen, so the first habit is to step up, to Be Proactive.  There are people who make things happen, people who watch things happen, and people who say…”what happened?”  Proactive people choose to use PS+ because it supports disciplined project management in an easy to use and understandable format.  With PS+, you’ll get in front of problems that haven’t happened yet and you’ll find that your proactive project execution will improve almost effortlessly.

PS+ marries a best-in-class project management solution, Microsoft Project Online, with the best solution accelerator!  PS+ quickly enables consistent, easy, and productive use of Microsoft Project, transparently, with no need for training in the accelerator’s use out of the box.  PS+ apps do what they’re called (like the PS+ Risk to Issue Escalator app), in a straightforward fashion.  Standardize your project management processes with PS+’s industry-recommended-standard configurations and begin climbing the capability maturity ladder in leaps and bounds immediately.

Some other quick examples of proactive apps you’ll find in PS+ include:

  • PS+ Assurance – for a quick portfolio governance dashboard. Find out at a glance which projects have not even logged any risks!  If you can’t identify (and document) risks, you can’t properly prepare for them!  PS+ Assurance points out where your portfolio faces the risk of being blindsided by teams and projects unprepared for catastrophic events!
  • PS+ Risk Matrix – to prioritize which risks to manage first. Rather than reacting to all events at once, as with standard risk management, use PS+ Risk Matrix to know which ones you want to pay attention to next!
  • PS+ Resource Forecast Report – to project your project’s resource needs and understand whether or not you’ve got enough on hand to meet the demand. Microsoft Project enables project resource management better than most (if not all) other project management solutions in the market and PS+ expands on that power through the PS+ Resource Forecast Report.

The first step you took in being proactive was deciding to buy Microsoft Project Online, but that’s only half the battle because you need to actually use it to get results.  Using PS+ with Project Online is the proactive next step that makes it easier to get your results to the levels you’d like.  Be proactive and sign up for a risk-free PS+ subscription today!

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