Project Hosts and Innovative-e team to accelerate Project Management for Government with FedRAMP compliant solution


We recently announced that our popular Project Management on Your Terms™ (PMOYT) for Government is now available as a FedRAMP-compliant solution thanks to our longtime partner, Project Hosts .  Project Hosts is a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) that has achieved FedRAMP SaaS Level Compliance for Project Server private cloud environments. Innovative-e’s PMOYT solution was deployed and tested in Project Hosts’ Federal private cloud and was verified to be compliant with all relevant FedRAMP security controls.

Innovative-e’s experience with government customers enabled us to develop Project Management On Your Terms™, a unique solution that helps agencies gain better visibility into their portfolio of projects.  PMOYT is a framework and toolset that places an increased focus on common public sector requirements including dashboards for executives while also addressing the ongoing adoption concerns of project managers and users.

At its core, PMOYT is built on the Microsoft Project Management suite of software, anchored with Project Server.  It is a flexible solution that can be rapidly deployed, helps achieve initial wins and build momentum that fosters widespread and lasting organizational adoption. PMOYT for Government is often paired with the Application Management and Organizational Adoption (AMOA) component that provides ongoing application planning, enhancements, and consultative support to customers, ensuring that an organization’s investment remains relevant and effective well beyond the initial deployment.

In a news release from January 22, 2015, Scott Chapman, CEO and Co-Founder of Project Hosts, Inc., said, “By achieving FedRAMP compliance at the SaaS level for Microsoft SharePoint, Project, TFS and CRM, we are removing a huge IT burden and expense for any government agency considering building their own FedRAMP or FISMA compliant deployment. FedRAMP SaaS compliance at the Moderate impact level means that we have fully implemented all of the 325 unique security controls required to achieve this standard, unlike IaaS FedRAMP certified platforms which only fully implement around 70 controls, leaving it up each agency to implement the remaining 78% of the security controls.”

We believe that by removing complexity, costs, and time for developing, deploying, and maintaining Project Management Information Systems (PMIS), government organizations will be able to gain value from real enterprise class solutions like never before.

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