Work smarter, not harder: realizing organizational value by reducing overhead, increasing productivity, and leveraging good integrations and value stream management

What if you could reduce your organization’s overhead to make more room for actual work and better productivity? Guess what? You can!

Gain work management freedom by understanding that work management systems, and the data within them – whether you’re talking about project management or agile software – is not the actual work, but a digital representation of actual work.

Innovative-e, a recognized leader in the PPM space with multiple awards from Microsoft, is driven to help organizations build, adopt and grow work and project management apps and systems. Our primary objective is to free people from the overhead of maintaining this data by the people doing and managing the work to leave more time for the actual work. Our customers have shown that this drives the need for multi-point integrations and is a critical part of the foundation for value stream management (VSM).

Video: An organic approach to creating value with work and project management integrations

Building these solutions is the easy part – it can be much harder to get people to adopt the new solution. And if people don’t use the work/project management solutions we help them build and put into place, the solution isn’t sustainable and will not promote the organizational growth that is often the object of the change in the first place.

Not just for the C-suite folks

Our solutions often are seen by the people at the C-level, but our customer entry point is generally the people who use the tools, like a project office or PMO, IT leadership, or software delivery leadership. While the C-suite guys may be looking to optimize value streams across the enterprise, we typically work with the people in the trenches. Usually the conversations we have with customers start simply and organically, identifying that we need to integrate disparate systems to reduce the overhead of entering the same data into multiple systems to thoroughly track the work being done. A proper integration also increases the fidelity of the data being entered, resulting in better info management. That, in turn, translates to better efficiency and outcomes for that team or organization.

The magic starts happening when individual tool owners see the broader implications for their team’s experiences when this overhead is reduced, productivity jumps, and efficiency improves. This buy-in from the individual tool level is a fundamental block in VSM.

Stepping beyond point-to-point integrations

While Innovative-e has enabled many customers to integrate their solutions and consolidate their data for many years with point-to-point integrations and/or data warehouse solutions, we’re fairly new to the world of multi-point integrations. When it became clear that multi-point integrations are the future, we arrived at a crossroad: we could either build our own multi-point tool, or we could partner with a tool provider. As we often advise our customers, sometimes the overhead of building your own solution can bog down the effectiveness of that solution. So we took our own advice and, instead of building our own tool, we researched the market and partnered with Tasktop, a world-class leader in the value stream management market recognized by industry analysts like Forrester.

Why Tasktop?

When we were researching VSM platforms and determining who we wanted to partner with, we looked at these key criteria:

  1. Does the product work well at what it does?
  2. Is it reliable, both technically and from an organizational level (does it work and is the company that provides it solid)?

We reviewed a number of demos of Tasktop’s VSM platform and attended classes to evaluate Tasktop’s suitability to provide a top-notch multi-point integration tool to bring to our customers.

It was an easy decision! With more than 60 integrations, most cloud-based, our customers who use Tasktop’s VSM platform, benefit from Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CICD). In a world where software is frequently updated and changed, the CICD benefits our customers get when they use Tasktop’s VSM tool means they’re always up-to-date in a rapidly changing world, without the overhead of managing updates and upgrades themselves.

Tasktop also employs model-based integration. Innovative-e has built numerous custom integrations and have seen both customers and partners build custom integrations. We’ve learned the value of being able to model integrations through a graphical interface rather than managing with code and manual effort (which is yet more overhead). Spend less time mapping code, set up integrations faster, and dramatically reduce the time maintaining the integrations. Reducing all this overhead means fewer headaches for our customers, increased adoption of the tool, and more work time devoted to, well, work. That is work management freedom.

Work management freedom is our vision for our customers, and drives every solution we build and recommend for our customers. Partnering with Tasktop to take our integration solutions to the next level has given us the ability to offer our customers a best-in-class value stream management platform while we continue to bring our customers work management freedom through visibility, agility and control.

More info to help you maximize value

In March 2021, Innovative-e’s President, Mike Taylor, was asked to present at VSMDevCon. To learn more about how we encourage widespread organizational adoption, getting work management systems right and the keys to success for integrating multiple tools to realize maximum value for your organization, watch his presentation here: https://youtu.be/De0hiSFlTb0.

You can also check out the episode of our podcast, “Are You Done Yet,” a video podcast tackling your project management challenges, where Mike and our Business Development Guru Bryan Quick discuss value stream management, how our customers benefit from all-out VSM efforts, and our partnership with Tasktop.  https://youtu.be/4kgWgv9kVRY Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Android or Google, and subscribe to our YouTube channel, where you’ll find all the episodes of “Are You Done Yet” plus loads more content about value stream management, Microsoft work and project management tools, Microsoft Teams and more!


Customer case studies – a peek behind the scenes

By Mike Taylor (co-authored by Bryan Quick)

This post is a basically a summary of a conversation Bryan Quick and I had on the December episode of our podcast, “Are You Done Yet?” where we discussed a bit of the behind-the-scenes path to customer evidence/case studies.  It was a fun conversation, and we hope you enjoy.  We’re always interested in feedback, so don’t be shy – contact us!  

New customer stories for the New Year! 

2022 is going to be a big year for Innovative-e customer success stories, there’s no doubt about it.  It’s going to be about stories like the Microsoft-sponsored Southern New Hampshire University case study from late 2021.  This year is going to be about making sure that people are aware of how we are able to help with transforming their work in project management. 

Power Platform to automate key business processes 

We have a couple more customer stories in the works as well.  One of them, coming soon to a theater near you, is an equity firm in the healthcare area.  We talked with this customer for the case study, and it was a good exploration of where they were before we were able to come in and assist, and where they are now.  It’s been a short crisp sort of journey together, but a good one.  

This story is going to be about Microsoft Power Platform specifically and how it was used to automate this customer’s business processes. This is super exciting because it’s taking the ‘special sauce’ of their differentiation in the marketplace and how they approach business, and helping them scale. 

This equity management firm had started doing some work with other folks using the Power Platform, but they hit a wall, so they asked us to come in and assess the situation and determine the right thing to do going forward.  This assessment included determining if they should even be using the Power Platform or if off-the-shelf software might be a better route. It was a classic buy vs. build decision point that had to be examined and ultimately approved by their executive management.  

The customer felt that the assessment was objective and balanced weighing off-the-shelf products, for which the cost initially was a little lower, against using the Power Platform. Ultimately, the flexibility to really build to their special sauce led them to the conclusion that the Power Platform was best to build their solution. And they saw the need for flexibility not just to initially get it like they wanted, but also to continue evolving as processes change to keep that competitive advantage and not have to wait for a vendor to add features.   

After deciding to go with the low-code approach, they engaged Innovative-e to build the first couple of what will ultimately be an app suite consisting of many apps.  After a couple of months, the apps were fully developed, refined, tested, and deployed for use. The customer is now in a period where they are using, learning, refining needs and building backlogs for future enhancements to the first two apps while planning for new ones as well.  

edison365 full app suite to meet urgent C-level mandates 

Another story in the works involves a bank that we worked with to help them release all three modules of edison365 to address innovation/ideationbusiness case, and project management challenges.  We’re really excited about edison365 at Innovative-e as a key part of our “Transform work and project management at scale on the Microsoft platform” strategy.    

For this customer, it made sense to buy something off-the-shelf that does innovation managementbusiness case management, and project management on the Microsoft platform as a complete suite. They were looking for an end-to-end solution that was turnkey and configurable.  The app suite that includes edison365ideas, edison365businesscase, and edison365projects was super appealing, especially because it’s economical, and it furthers what they’re already doing with Microsoft on the platform. 

We followed our proximal progression framework to implement, as we always do with our customers, in a comprehensive way that maps their business processes to the configuration that gives them the solution that was right for them. 

Meeting customers where they are in their journey 

Over the years, Innovative-e has really embraced meeting people where they are.  These two customer journeys show how we do just that. The equity management firm needed their platform to be more customizable and more precisely built around their processes.  On the other hand, the financial firm was more flexible given their need for a fast solution deployed quickly to meet strategic time bound objectives.    

This represents two different points on a continuum that allows customers to go for fast or quasi-custom.  It’s a great feeling to be able to help people wherever they are there along their journey. Bryan: “Yes, it’s kind of fun not to be a one trick pony.” Mike: “Exactly!” 

Read the SNHU case study here: https://innovative-e.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/SNHU_FinalStory.pdf

See the episode of “Are You Done Yet?” from which this post was excerpted: https://youtu.be/TwpSUh_msEU

Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf3uXZZg7bDnnMG5YXuMHZA?sub_confirmation=1


How to use a custom background image in Microsoft Teams

UPDATE as of 12/11/20: These instructions were written before changing your Teams background with a few clicks in the settings was a core functionality of the platform. Now it’s even easier to change your background! Read this for more info.

Got a messy background but too many conference calls to straighten up between meetings? Microsoft Teams has added the capability to use backgrounds during Teams meetings to hide your untended laundry piles or your lack of an extensive and telegenic private home library, but right now, your alt-backdrop choices are “background blur” and a selection of curated images with no readily apparent way to upload custom images.

While the curated images provided by Teams are pretty nice, you might want to upload a background that reflects how you’ve been spending your time during quarantine:

tiger king

animal crossing outside nook's cranny

Microsoft Teams doesn’t offer a one-click easy solution for uploading custom backgrounds (yet), but it can be done pretty easily if you’re comfy with poking around in your folders a little bit. These instructions are for Windows 10, but you can do it on a Mac, too.

  1. Open File Explorer (easily do this by holding the Windows key and the E key simultaneously).
  2. Click This PC.
  3. Select Windows (C:).
  4. Open the Users folder.
  5. Select your user profile.
  6. Click the View tab at the top of File Explorer.
  7. Check the Hidden items
  8. Open the AppData folder (Note: this won’t appear if you haven’t checked to see hidden items.)
  9. Open the Roaming folder.
  10. Open the Microsoft folder (Do not go to the Microsoft Teams folder by mistake!)
  11. Open the Teams folder within the Microsoft folder.
  12. Open the Backgrounds folder.
  13. Open the Uploads folder.
  14. Place the image you want within the Uploads folder.
  15. Once your image is in the Uploads folder, it should be visible from within Teams when you click the ellipsis and Show background effects.

Easy-peasy! Now you, too, can be part of The Simpsons couch gag on your Microsoft Teams meetings!


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Exploring Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) – Three free ways you can spread joy today

In honor of  RAK Week (Feb 16-23) 2020, we’ve described three kinds of completely free actions that you can take today that will make someone’s day a little brighter – and likely yours as well!

We’ve all heard stories of random acts of kindness – scroll through virtually any social media platform and you’ll see evidence in scrawled notes, cups of coffee, and often just shared smiles. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all experienced more uplifting events in our lives more often?


Start by taking a deep, relaxing, breath – yes, please, right now… Now, close your eyes, for just a moment, and recall how you felt the last time you received, offered, or witnessed a random act of kindness.

You’re smiling now, aren’t you? Here’s how to pass on those life-affirming vibes:

Engage with Others

A genuine smile and an enthusiastic greeting will go a long way to make others feel at ease. Have you ever noticed that when most customers are in service-oriented establishments, they focus only on their business at hand, and not upon the people who are helping them? Imagine interacting with people all day, yet not feeling seen, heard, or valued! Make the effort to connect with the people you encounter every day. Ask them questions – and really listen when they reply. They will appreciate your acknowledgment and you might learn something or even make a new friend!

Share Your Gifts

You and I are on a collective journey around our sun as it moves through our galaxy and the universe. We can salute our fellow passengers and enhance their travel by sharing our talents. Maybe it’s something as simple as reading to a child or as unique as teaching someone how to tie the perfect fishing fly. Be open to letting people gain a glimpse of your inner world. Whatever your gifts, sharing your passions with others will expand their perspective; your example will encourage them to explore their own abilities which, in turn, will also add to the richness and diversity of our world.

“How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.” – Morgan Freeman

Prioritize Humanity

We all feel better when we know that we are safe, we are understood, and we are accepted. Caring… compassion… kindness… these traits are frequently reserved to describe humans. As such, the burden is on us to be mindful of actually exhibiting characteristics of humanity in our day to day lives. Simple gestures of kindness often have impacts far beyond the moment. Open the door, hold the elevator, or share the load with someone who has their hands full (literally or figuratively).

In what ways can you be kind today to your coworkers, your friends, your family?

We’re all in this together – let’s all make life’s experience awesome! There are thousands of ways you can spread joy! For inspiration, visit: https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/

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Valentine lovin’ for PPMin’

‘Tis the time of year for long-stemmed roses, heart-shaped pink frosted doughnuts, pastel conversation hearts and elementary school paper valentines… Beyond romantic gestures, modern Valentine’s Day observations now frequently extend to offering tokens of gratitude to all those we appreciate. This year, why not direct some sweet attention to all those hard-working folks who do their part in supporting your organization’s Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) eco-system?

heart tree Everyone playing a role – from the Tier 1 help-desk, to the Business Intelligence experts, to those championing Organizational Change Management, and the myriad of individuals connected to these roles – deserves kudos for their unique contributions to your organization’s mission.

Embrace the contributions of the parts

Despite the cross-organizational nature of PPM, it is helpful to occasionally isolate the moving parts and formally recognize the crucial role that each function plays in the strength and success of the whole. Openly sharing the significance of the contributing roles allows for reflection upon the inherent teamwork within the organization. Publicizing functional impacts helps each individual to contextualize how their personal contributions truly matter. In turn, deeper recognition of the value their colleagues bring can also be achieved. Embracing the contributions of all the parts helps elevate your PMO’s vibe.

Celebrate the achievements of the whole

Similarly, highlighting the influence of synergy reminds all the players of their collective goal and underscores the familiar axiom, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Being part of a cohesive team feels good – even when you don’t win all your games. If your organization has not yet conducted ‘A Year in Review’ for the past calendar year, mid-February is a perfect time to say thank you for a job well done and frame the year to come. Celebrating your PMO’s successes is a great way to spread some love!

 “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”

– William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Spread some Valentine’s lovin’ for PPMin’

Looking for inspiration on how to express the Valentine’s spirit beyond the company newsletter and donuts in the breakroom? Here’s a flexible idea that’s as appropriate for the cash strapped start-up as it is for the fully flush monopoly (and all budgets in between) and will effectively convey your heart-felt regards:

Have your PMO leadership hand sign “Valentines” to each team member thanking them for their unique contributions to the organization. These can be store-bought, created in house, or custom-printed. Enhance the sentiment by including a gift-card. Consider the standards, such as a popular local restaurant, theater, museum or zoo, or get creative with “coupons” for lunch-with-the-boss, a half-day off, or a birthday holiday. Really level-up with a profit-sharing bonus reflecting the company-wide results of the previous year!


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Specialize AND Generalize – a Case for Generalists in Every Business

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to consult with multiple medical specialists. Among the many fascinating aspects of these encounters, what stood out to me the most was what was missing! In reflecting upon the lack of holistic perspective in patient care, I was reminded of how valuable generalists are in business endeavors everywhere. Are you actively engaging your generalists?

Here are a few ways generalists can help your business:

Generalists are not vested in how you’ve always done it

Specialists have frequently spent years perfecting their methods. They are the highly trained, highly skilled, and highly vested in the solutions they’ve created. In our rapidly changing world, sometimes the optimal solution has its roots in unexpected and seemly foreign fields. This is at the heart of knowledge transfer and often leads to amazing innovations. Generalists, by definition, know a little bit about a lot of different things. This broader exposure allows them to quickly grasp the essence of a situation, consider whether similar challenges in other disciplines might have bearing, and follow the logic along a path often dismissed or completely unseen by those with more concentrated professional experience.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

– Albert Einstein

Generalists see the big picture

The wide-ranging exposure that generalist have typically leads to greater experience in overarching organizational roles than that of their specialist counterparts. Their experience affords them a 50,000 foot view of both the interconnection among individual business functions and the influence of forces outside the organization, such as regulatory agencies; competitors; customers; and trends or events that may impact the company or the industry as a whole.

Generalists are flexible

Typically, generalists also have a solid command of the many soft skills necessary for business success. While the responsibilities overseen by generalist may vary considerably, what most have in common is that their job descriptions are, at least in practice, loosely defined (such as manager) and their day-to-day tasks include a robust blend of problem-solving, decision-making, team-building, communications, negotiations, and leadership skills. Their behaviors, as well as their thinking, are inherently flexible making generalists exceptional at delivering out-of-the-box ideas that are both creative and innovative.

Actively engage your generalists – and leverage their progressiveness, vision and flexibility!

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Slay your dragons by eating your frogs

Welcome to a new month, of the new year, in a new decade! Are you feeling the clean-slate vibe yet? Ready for a fresh start? This article will point you in the direction of greater productivity with a tried-and-true method to more quickly achieve whatever professional and personal resolutions you’ve set your sights on.

May your quest begin!

here be dragons map

Here Be Dragons!

Facing yet unexplored territories often conjured fears of imagined dangers in the hearts and minds of medieval adventurers. Dragons represent a nearly universal way to express that sentiment. In today’s world, our dragons may more aptly represent those goals that we tell ourselves we want but have not yet achieved, those desires that seem too intimidating to pursue. Perhaps you’d like to switch careers, write a book, or pursue a new hobby. Sometimes it is simply inertia holding you in place. Consider eating some frogs for breakfast to get you knocking down those aspirations!

Frogs for Breakfast?

Okay, so not real frogs! Frogs are those tasks that you dread doing, the ones that you actively avoid but you must still accomplish, those things you waste time procrastinating! A business frog might be a writing a challenging performance review. Doing the dishes could be an example of the ugliest frog in your home life. This technique works wherever you could gain efficiencies. The notion is that by tackling the worst item on your list right off the bat, that action will leave you energized to tackle the things you’d prefer to be doing for the rest of the day. So, yes, frogs for breakfast!

“Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

-Mark Twain

Personal Productivity Conquered

The prescription for slaying your dragons by eating your frogs is simply this: 1) frame out your dragons with the specific tasks that must be done, 2) identify your frogs, and 3) eat one or more each morning.

Happy New Year!! Here’s to your success!

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Looking back at 2019… and ahead to 2020

2019 was a great year for Innovative-e and its partners! Join us for a walk down memory lane to revisit the most memorable events and happenings of last year!

Innovative-e was selected as a finalist in the Microsoft 2019 Partner of the Year Award for our work in Project and Portfolio Management. This honor recognized Innovative-e for providing outstanding solutions and services in Project & Portfolio Management (PPM).

See what Mike Taylor, President and CEO of Innovative-e, had to say when we were named as a Partner of the Year finalist.


Innovative-e renewed its partnership with Microsoft in early December. We have been a Microsoft Gold partner for more than a decade and are certified in the following areas:

january 2020 email signature image

These partnership levels highlight the strengths we bring to our customers and partners. Maintaining Gold or Silver partnership with Microsoft requires expertise in the competency areas, certification of our SMEs and compliance with the high standards to which Microsoft holds its partners.

As a key Microsoft Partner, Innovative-e provided strong support and a robust thought leadership role when Microsoft rolled out its major update to Project in October 2019, unveiling Project for the Web to bring better work management to pro project managers as well as team members whose work entails everyday, ad hoc project management.

At Innovative-e, we believe in #PMforALL, whether you’re a Contract Manager, HR Professional, or you fill another job role in which a robust, easy-to-use project management tool will boost your productivity and efficiency – even if you’re not a formal project manager.

mike poty thumbnail

If you haven’t seen how flexible and easy to work with Project for the web is yet, we’d be happy to sit down with you and show you around the tool. Drop us a note and we’ll sync up to give you a demo!

You may have noticed, when browsing our ever-growing library of knowledge pieces, a fresh face.

mike and bryan

The gentleman on the right is Bryan Quick, our Director of Sales. Bryan spent years with Microsoft as a Solution Sales Professional and is now leveraging his expertise in Microsoft’s work management suite to  improve our customers’ day-to-day work life with increased visibility, agility and control. We’re thrilled to have Bryan sharing his knowledge and positive energy with the Innovative-e team!

Microsoft isn’t the only partner we’ve worked closely with during 2019. We’ve partnered with edison365 for years and have watched them grow their suite of tools, built to work seamlessly with Office365. In 2019, edison365 announced major upgrades to:

We helped our customer, The Guthrie Clinic, implement all three edison365 products in 2019, and enabled them to achieve success with an end-to-end solution that took Guthrie from idea conception to project execution:

“We had a pretty good foundation in place for project management and we were looking to take it to the next level. Microsoft Project Online got us there and now, with edison365ideas, businesscase, and projects added on, I’m in love! – Gail Strausser, Application Manager, The Guthrie Clinic

We also produced several webinars and other knowledge pieces with edison365 during 2019, the better to show you these fantastic tools that make it easier for you to work smarter, not harder.

The edison365 folks also launched a great new podcast, Innovation Brew, late in 2019. We’re so grateful to be partnered with Ivan Lloyd, Tad Haas, and the other marvelous members of the edison365 team! Thank you for a marvelous 2019 – we look forward to even greater successes in the coming year!

We had a great year with one of our other partners, Bravo Consulting Group, which works largely with government customers to leverage Microsoft products for strategic, technology-enabled innovative solutions. While we do a lot of behind-the-scenes work with Bravo to enable our customers (and theirs!) with work management solutions that improve collaboration, effectiveness and visibility, one of our most popular joint ventures was a webinar, “All in – 3 Steps to Digital Transformation. It’s win/win!” that was such a hit that we did it again a few weeks later. Shout-out to Gino Digregori and his team for years of successful partnership in bringing digital transformation and cloud services to our customers! 2019 was amazing, and we think 2020 will be even better!


Looking forward

Sure, we packed in a lot of success with our partners and customers in 2019, but we’re not stopping there!

Innovative-e is in the process of developing an expanded selection of educational offerings for 2020, and broadening our offerings with DIY-style content to help you beef up what you can do on your own with the expansive work management tools from partners like Microsoft and edison365. We’re also deepening our offerings for project and portfolio managers; for years, we’ve provided solution-specific training to our customers, but we’re adding PM skills training and other work management-related courses to our curriculum.

We’ve already loaded up our editorial calendar to keep bringing you (free!) thoughtful and practical content in 2020 to help you improve your work life with more effective work management practices and tools. We and our partners like edison365 and Bravo Consulting Group are eager to share new e-books, whitepapers, articles and infographics in the coming year, so keep an eye on our blog, our YouTube channel, and our website for more knowledge pieces. Don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook – and subscribe to our newsletter! –  so you can see when we or our partners drop info that will make work management easier for you no matter your job role.

If your 2019 was as good as ours was, then you’ve had a very good year, indeed! We’re looking forward to an even more successful 2020, and we’re glad to have our partners – and you! – with us for the coming new year!

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Where is my project portfolio?

The Project for the web service from Microsoft is an intriguing project manager experience in the sweet spot between “back of the envelope” planning of Roadmap and Planner, best used perhaps for a sense of timing and high-level resource estimates, and the full rigor of project management with the comprehensive toolset of Project Online and its attention to details like costs, risks, issues, and resource workload management. Project for the web challenges the status quo for traditional users of enterprise PPM software with a simplified interface, easy to adopt, and an engine under the hood power users will love.Eoin11182019no1

Project for the web looks little like the Microsoft PPM tools familiar to most. At first, you may be lost looking for the projects you’ve created using Project for the web. You may find them on the Project Home page, under either the Favorites section (if you’ve marked any as a favorite) or in with the recently used or modified projects.eoin111819no2

You access Project Home by clicking the Project link in the App Launcher.eoin111819no3

The link to the Home page appears as a “home” icon: eoin111819no4 eoin111819no5

These out of the box views of Project for the web will no doubt be augmented soon by product offerings from Microsoft Partners, if such products have not been announced already. In the meantime, one can build one’s own applications to view, report on, and/or act on project data using the Common Data Service (CDS) and PowerApps. Here is a simple recipe to build a viewer for all the projects shared with you in Project for the web.

  1. Log in to O365 with credentials that can access Project Online and PowerApps.
  2. Launch PowerApps (powerapps.microsoft.com).
  3. Click Create then select Canvas app from blank.
  4. Name the app (e.g. “Pftw QuickView”) in the App Name* field, select the Tablet radio button, and click the Create (Skip the introductory tour if prompted). (Save the app (Click File, then Save) and autosave will begin to happen as you make changes moving forward.)
  5. On the Insert ribbon, select Vertical Gallery and a gallery screen will be added, populated with sample data. Search for the term “proj” in the data source dialog and notice the number of available CDS entities for Project.eoin111819no6
  6. Select the Project entity from the list of data sources and the vertical gallery display should switch from sample data to values from your Project environment and now you have a view listing all the projects in your portfolio!eoin111819no7
  7. All new projects created using Project for the web will generate an “Untitled project” project until the title is changed. If you want more detail than an untitled title, follow these steps:
    1. Rename the gallery you just created (e.g. “Gallery_MyPortfolio”).
    2. On the Insert ribbon, select Vertical Gallery and a new gallery screen will be added, again populated with sample data. Drag the new gallery side by side with the 1st gallery.eoin111819no8
    3. Rename the new gallery (e.g. “Gallery_ProjectTasks”). Change the new gallery items to be [“Portfolio_MyGallery”.Selected.’Project Tasks’]. In our example so far, if you used the same naming suggestions given, the Items for the Gallery_ProjectTasks gallery would be Gallery_MyPortfolio.Selected.’Project Tasks’.eoin111819no9
    4. You can make the viewer “prettier” and easier to understand by adding labels above each of the viewers and you can change the data fields that get shown.
    5. Press F5 to run the application to preview it works.
    6. Publish the application to share with whom you like if you like.

This has been a very brief overview describing one approach to viewing content in your Project for the web portfolio. Subsequent posts will show how to leverage not only the portfolio but also the Grid, the Board and the Timeline, as well as how to use Project for the web with robust project management techniques such as risk management.

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Project for the web: project and work management for the rest of us

how-does-one-become-a-project-manager-in-todays-world.jpgWhether or not you’re a project manager by profession, odds are good that if your job parks you behind a desk, you manage projects on a regular basis. Much of what you and your colleagues accomplish day to day is part of a process that must be managed, even if it’s on an ad hoc basis, not part of what you would consider a formal project management process. Contract managers, HR professionals, educators, marketers and other professionals manage projects all the time, often cobbling together tools like spreadsheets and emails to get things done.

Microsoft sees a gap between formal project management and task management in the marketplace – and we think they’re right.  Microsoft designed the new cloud-based Project for the web to help everyone who manages projects. If you’re somebody who is not formally trained in project management, but you’re still responsible for getting project work done, Project for the web will help you do it more efficiently with a simple but powerful interface.  Those of us who informally manage projects need a better tool besides Excel, SharePoint or other third-party SaaS tools stitched together to meet our needs.

The new Project is entirely web-based, more user-friendly, and easier to get started with.  I’d like to show you some of the things Project for the web can do, even if you – like me – are not a project management pro, but still have project-style tasks and teams to manage in the course of your work. My next post will feature digging into creating a project using the new interface, so roll up your sleeves and get ready to see what Project for the web can do!